Why Intermittent Fasting Is The Only Diet You Need? – Dr. Oz: The Best Of Season 12

7 Simple Tips to Lose Weight

This article discusses several ways individuals can utilize to lose weight. These strategies include healthy eating and consistent exercise.

What Are the Best Foods for a Flat Stomach?

A few people can get stuck at a fat loss plateau at a certain weight and cannot seem to lose any more. But there is a simple “trick” which could kick-start their weight loss again.

Changing Your Lifestyle: The Ugly Truth About Fat Exposed

Most people want to lose weight in today’s society but they ignore the cold hard truths about weight loss. Many people don’t know about how that life sucking maniac we call “fat” thinks.

Weight Loss – Why Some People Lose Weight While Others Remain Fat

Providing that a person does not have some form of debilitating disease and has healthy brain function, anyone, and I mean anyone, can achieve permanent weight loss. It all really comes down to these 2 questions…

Is It Really Worth Trying To Lose Weight In November?

This article is all about the concept of losing weight in November, and whether or not it is really worth it with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. Is it better to simply hold off until January, and then make a real effort to lose weight?

Lose Weight Naturally Without Counting on Calculation or Drugs

Doing calculation and keep on using drug to assist in weight loss program is not a long way to lose weight. Here are few specifically methods you must stick on to keep your body shape firmed and fat loss.

Lose Weight Fast – 3 Effective And Proven Supplements To Aid Quick Fat Loss

Although you can significantly improve your emotional and physical well being by losing weight, weight loss is usually a very slow process. It is for this reason that most overweight and obese Americans try to make use of weight loss supplements to boost their fat loss efforts. Now, even though most fitness experts do not really believe in the efficacy of most of these products that are marketed as weight loss supplements, there are still some of these weight loss supplements that have proven ability to aid weight loss.

The Benefits of Probiotics – And The Best Sources

The benefits of probiotics is legendary. Probiotics are bacteria, which are essential to life. There are around 1,000 different strains of bacteria, yeasts, protazoa and various other micro-organisms that inhabit your body. This makes up around 2 kg, 4lb of your body weight.

7 Ways for You to Achieve Weight Loss Fast

Many people are trying to find a way to achieve weight loss fast. They try fad diets, pills, surgery, but none of these methods work well and most are downright dangerous. In this article, you can discover 7 ways to lose weight fast, but stay healthy.

8 Top Ways to Burn Calories and Lose Fat

Calories have become less of an issue to many experts around the world and they are becoming more concerned with the make up of those calories, however the mainstream public still think of things in calories so that’s what we will use. Key point: your body gets more nutrients from less calories if you eat healthier. As a personal trainer I am asked very often ‘What is the best way to burn calories?

Meditation and Weight Loss for a Healthier New You

Meditation can help you overcome the stresses that lead to uncontrolled eating. The result can be better control over your weight loss program. A simple breathing meditation may be all it takes for success.

Don’t Hang Out at the Dining Table After a Meal

Pay particular attention to what you usually do within the first five minutes upon finishing the initial serving of food on your plate because this can be the difference between an appropriate meal, and eating excessively. This is a quick weight loss tip that could save you from some extra pounds finding their way onto your body every month. Possibly even more depending on your habits and how you conduct yourself at the dining table.

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