Why deprescription should be your new favorite word

Are You on the Heavier Side of Light?

Every week I have clients come into my office who inspire me. Often in our sessions amazing ideas come to me for article topics. Last week one of my clients was claiming that her summer clothes were tighter this year. Even though she had maintained most of her initial weight loss from when we first started working together – she had gained 4 lbs in the last 4 months. It may not seem like a lot but because she’s tiny to begin with – it was enough to put her into another size – up.

Get In Shape – 3 Ways to Make Eating Healthy More Convenient

Whether you want to get in shape for summer, or just want to for the hell of it, you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that your diet will play a big role in achieving this goal. You need to be eating the right amount of the right things and at the right time. This can seem overwhelming to people at times, so I have prepared 3 tips to help make dieting more convenient.

Why Aren’t You Losing? Are You Stuck?

It’s a frustrating place to be – you feel you are doing everything right but the scale has stopped moving or worse still it’s going in the wrong direction! What is happening – you cry out in a fit of disbelief, self-deprecation and woe! How can this be? You wonder… Maybe you aren’t being as diligent or as “good” as you could be. Maybe you had too much fat the other day -which would be the wrong reason as fat alone doesn’t cause weight gain. Well, in today’s article we will look at some of these “Scale Sticking Factors”. Some may surprise you.

Fat Loss – 3 Key Factors to Consider

Achieving fat loss and getting in shape are similar to baking a cake. Both require key ingredients and a process that needs to be adhered to. We subconsciously know what these ingredients are, but many of us forget to utilize them. So here they are: The 3 key factors to consider with respect to fat loss.

Weight Loss Tips – 3 Tips To Get You Started

Not all weight loss tips are created equal. Some are of vital importance and some are useless and should be discarded. These tips however are of vital importance and should be followed if you want to arrive at your goal anytime in the near future. They are easy to follow and if you do follow them, you will love the results that they bring.

How To Burn Fat Fast – 4 Tips To Help QUICKLY Increase How Fast You’re Losing Body Fat!

Want to speed up how fast you burn fat? Try these 4 tips…

Don’t Let Weekends Continue to Be Health Disasters

Think of the constant repetition of losing weight Monday through Friday afternoon, just to put it all back on your body Friday evening through Sunday night. Not only is this particularly unhealthy for your body to go from one extreme to the other, it also takes a toll on your motivation to lose weight after awhile. When a person eats in this manner for a long enough time, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop. It takes a great deal of motivation and commitment to make an actual change. That moment of clarity when you realize this is going nowhere but downhill quickly.

Is There A Pill For That?

Is there an easy way to lose weight? Is there a pill that will melt the fat? Be careful before you try a pill, even if it is recommended by a celebrity.

Raspberry Ketone: The Most Effective Weight Loss Compound

Raspberry ketone is extensively used by people for various reasons and to get different benefits. It is found in berries specifically red berries and black berries. There are numerous advantages of ketone including health related and non-health related. It is extensively used in supplements and drugs as a weight reducing compound. It is one of the finest and rare enzymes that act as weight reducing agent. Not much is known about this compound (enzyme) as there has not been ample research on the subject compound. Its pros and cons are not known as yet; however generally, it has been found very beneficial for human health.

Lose An Outfit Size In 14 Days Using These Easy Weight Loss Tactics

Thinking it over, slimming down doesn’t require masses of time. It’s just mathematics and following a formula, essentially burning more calories than you absorb. That is the fundamental formula to shedding pounds. Here are a few guidelines that will assist you drop an outfit measurement in a mere 14 days.

Amazing Diet Tips to Keep You Healthy

Diet is important for any health-related plan. This content includes tips for an excellent diet.

Slim Down With These (2) Diets That Work Fast

I talk a lot about diets that work fast because I just like the instant boost that plans like that provide. I know that they may not be the best long-term solutions, but they definitely get me pointed in the right direction – and in talking with my friends, that seems to be the hardest obstacle.

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