Where Does FAT Go When You “Burn” It? Surprise!

Your Effective List of Foods for Fat Loss

You can successfully reduce body fat by eating foods for fat loss. There are certain food items that can help lessen the risk of additional fat deposition and there are also foods that can help you burn fats.

How To Lose Weight In A Week – Your Top 3 Tricks

It is possible to lose weight in only a week. There are three things that are slowing down Americans and helping them pack on the pounds as they age. Age is not usually the problem but only something one tells himself as an excuse when confronted with a mirror. To lose weight over the next seven days there are three things that will need to be accomplished.

The 5 Deadly Sins Of Starting A Diet Program (And How To Avoid Them)

Want to finally get results with dieting? Avoid committing these 5 deadly sins when starting a diet program… and you WILL get results like never before!

Enjoy Eating Out Without Forfeiting Your Weight Loss Goals

Eating out can really be a challenge when you are trying to shed some pounds. Fortunately though, it doesn’t have to be an exercise in sheer will if you make a few adjustments to your regular dining out routine.

Weight Loss Considerations for Diabetics

When you have diabetes, you know how important it is to keep control of your weight, among other things. Keeping your weight and health balanced will lower your blood sugar, and this in turn will help you keep your diabetes at bay.

Lose Weight Successfully With These Handy Tips

If you are carrying extra pounds right now and are trying to lose weight, rest assured you are not alone. Many folks want to lose weight so that they can feel better about themselves and it can be extremely tough achieving that goal! There is so much poor information to be had. But here are some good weight loss tips which will help you lose that belly fat!

Menopause and Weight Gain: Say Goodbye to the Mid-Life Spread

There are many symptoms that a woman might experience as she nears the age of menopause. Unfortunately, one of the tendencies that many women see at this time of life is a greater challenge in maintaining an optimal weight.

How to Lose Weight Quickly in Seven Steps

You really do have to realise that to lose weight successfully takes sacrifice, resolve and determination. Learn how to lose weight in seven steps and be rewarded with a beautiful slender body.

Which Is Better For Weight Loss, Caralluma Fimbriata or Hoodia Gordonii?

Caralluma and hoodia are often compared to each other, as they share many similarities. They are both flowering cactuses and they are both known appetite suppressants. Both plants have historically been referred to as ‘famine foods’ in their respective regions. Hoodia gordonii is indigenous to The Kalahari Desert, and caralluma fimbriata is most commonly found in rural India. However, in terms of weight loss, which one is best?

How To Lose Stomach Fat – Eating Less To Lose Weight

There is a lot of competition in the fast food industry. Food outlets are trying to get us in the door by offering super sizes and extras like more fries or larger drinks. The problem is we tend to eat all of the food in these big servings.

Diet Foods

You may have wondered why dieting topics mostly deal with food. This is to say that diet recommendations mostly mean taking away the types of food that you have come to love eating. That is just a popular belief. The truth behind successful dieting rests in proper intake of the right type of foods.

Top 5 Weight Loss Apps

Getting in shape just got a bit easier. Find out about the best weight loss apps available on your Android or iPhone right now!

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