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Holiday Dieting? Forgetaboutit!

Hey it’s the Holidays, Christmas, Haunaka and New Years. It’s a time of parties, cookies, rich desserts and all those comfort holiday meals. Read more…

The Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women – Healthy and Long-Lasting Effects

Ladies want to lose weight quickly and efficiently, and if they decide to turn to weight loss supplements, they also expect the pills to be 100% healthy and natural – these are the parameters for the best weight loss supplements for women. Besides the psychological aspect, there are a number of physiological features that influence the pace of healthy weight loss in the case of women: ladies are less muscular than men, so they will burn fat slower as they are less resistant to physical effort; women also have a genetic predisposition to build up and store fat…

How To Look And Feel Fitter And Firmer By New Year’s Day WITHOUT Going Without

On average people put on 5-7lbs over the Christmas period, however, there are people who put on a stone or even two stone. Although this weight gain seems to be the norm, it doesn’t have to happen to you. In fact, you can look and feel fitter and firmer by New Years Eve without going without.

The Basic Elements of Any Good Workout For Great Weight Loss Results

Rather than worry about picking the best workout program, your best bet is to understand the basic elements that make a workout program effective for weight loss. There are common threads running through all the best weight loss workouts. Remember there are three desired body appearance outcomes no matter what your fitness level, age, gender, or experience: 1. losing weight and getting thinner 2. getting really ripped or toned 3. adding size and muscle strength. Appearance goal number 1: losing weight, is the most sought after by people.

4 Top Foods For A Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is not only an important part of an effective weight loss plan, it is also a integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are 4 foods to get you started on a healthy diet.

How to Adjust Your Lifestyle to Reduce Tummy Fat

If you want to get rid of your tummy fat, but you are not sure of the right steps, then do not feel frustrated. There are billions of frustrated people who think that despite all the efforts they have done, they will never lose weight. The root of this frustration is the lack of knowledge on how to adjust and change your lifestyle. This article will show you a few easy lifestyle changes that will help you to reduce tummy fat fast.

Savvy Tips for Waist-Watching Shoppers

Most of us shop throughout the year, but there is something about end of the year shopping that sends us into a frenzy. We’re making lists, and checking them twice, yet we still feel as though we are on a slippery slope with time running out. We need a game plan, strategy, stamina and snacks.

Stress-Free Weight Loss

Life is stressful. No matter what you do, there will always be deadlines, inconveniences, time crunches, and negative interactions with others. This is especially true during the holiday season. This is the time of year when stress can be overwhelming. And it can easily lead to overeating and weight gain.

Energy Zapped

Revitalize yourself. Learn how to boost your energy naturally. Here are my list of Autumn and Winter energy zappers to avoid…

Why Ninety-Five Percent of People Do Not Achieve Weight Loss And Lose Weight Fast

Summary: Many people in today’s world have problems losing weight fast, due to the excess weight they have put on through a combination of eating the wrong diet and not exercising properly. Focusing on the right type of food and drink coupled with the right type of exercise and, crucially, being disciplined and consistent about it, anyone should be able to lose weight – and fast.

Rumour Has It Prolonged Mastication Can Help With Weight Loss

So, the question is, can prolonged mastication (chewing your food, in other words) really help with weight loss? Rumour has it that it can. In fact it’s logical if you think about it that you would probably lose weight with this one simple action. Well, the theory goes that by chewing our food for longer, it is, in the first instance, obviously, more broken down. This in turn apparently aids the stomach in breaking down the food faster, extracting all the good stuff (such as vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein) from the food and then passing the waste through the system.

The Secret to Being a Weight Control Guru for Your Kids

You are what you eat and your kids are watching: weight control and nutritious eating are behaviors that parents need to consciously model to their children so that all members of the family can have a healthy future. The adults of the future are the children of today so it is important we help them on their way towards a healthy lifestyle and longevity, free of dis-ease.

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