On His Health, Being A Father Of Seven And Not Being Afraid Of Controversy

Which Of Your Questions Are Keeping You Overweight?

If you’re unhappy with your weight, there’s a very good chance that you’re asking the types of questions that preclude weight loss. In order to lose weight you need to change your questions. Here’s how…

The World’s Best Affirmation For Weight Loss

There’s a bunch of people out there who knock affirmations and claim they don’t work. Maybe you’re one of ’em. I know I used to be. Until I learned how to use them correctly….

How To Recover From A Weight Loss Plateau

Oh crap… I’ve plateau-ed. “Hello, Plateau Land.” Now what do I do? Here’s what….

Why Hoodia Gordonii?

The desert is a cruel and unkind country were we would not be able to survive from day to day. But somehow, the Bushmen gained knowledge of the earth, and they survived. The warriors of these simple tribes went on hunting trips, which could have lasted months, to hunt for meat and animal skins to keep them warm during the icy bite of winter nights.

The Recovering Perfectionist’s Guide to Weight Loss, Getting Stuff Done and Life in General

“Stop complicating the sh*t out of everything,” he said, matter-of-factly. Ouch. Not for the first time, my brother’s cut-glass logic nudged me in the butt, leaving a bruise. Perfectionism is brutal. Here’s what to do about it…

What Foods You Should Eat To Lose Weight

With so much weight loss information available, you can easily see how people get lost in all the advice on how to lose weight. This article will help you figure out simple ways to lose the weight for good. The following tips are only a few things that you can try, but it’s a start.

The Magical Weight Loss Elixir: It’s Simpler, Easier AND More Abundant Than You Think

Are you looking for a magic elixir – perhaps a detox formula or some celebrity-endorsed pills – which will somehow magically melt your weight away? It’s a nice, optimistic idea, isn’t it? And how very splendid… if only it worked. Here’s what DOES work… and it’s easier than you think….

The Maths of Apples: A Must Read if the No. on the Scales Isn’t the One You Want

“‘Hooonesty Avril. I’ve been eating like a sparrow and I’ve STILL GAINED WEIGHT…”, she despaired. Science tells me what she’s saying is simply impossible. Here’s what to do when you feel the same frustration…

Plateau Frustration: How To Stay Motivated (Part II)

Depression. Hatred. Condemnation. “Arrrgh, I’ve plateaued again”. Three home truths you can use immediately to convert frustration into motivation when you’re in Plateau Land…

What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild And Precious Life?

We all know life is short. When ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’, does, what do you decide to do with your one wild and precious life?

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

With so much conflicting information on the web about exactly how much water to lose weight, it’s easy to get confused. How do you separate fact from fiction. Here’s my golden rule…

Who Moved My Cheese? The Link Between Cheese, Moving It and Losing Weight

Doing the same thing, again and again, and expecting a different result is pretty silly behaviour, don’t you think? And yet we ALL do it. Why not learn from the rats, follow the cheese and do something different…

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