Italian Foods Approved By Dr. Oz

Diuretics and Smart Sugars

Consequences of diuretic drugs can be serious including chronic dehydration and the loss of vitamins, potassium, and other minerals that can shut down your body. Certain foods such as salt and bad sugars cause the body to retain too much fluid. These may lead to bloating and weight gain.

Controversial Fat Loss Topic: Lose Body Fat Quickly Long Term Vs Short Term

For many years the public, through articles, misinformation and even outright propaganda, have been led to believe that aerobic exercise is the only way to ‘lose’ weight and to keep it off. I’m here to tell you that this statement is false, and that if…

If You Really Want To Count Calories Then This Will Help

Here’s another bit of research based around how to make calorie-controlled diets work. This looks at the impacts of keeping a Food Diary, eating out, and offers some suggestions as to how to make this method of losing weight more successful. Unfortunately there’s plenty of other research that suggests that this is all a waste of time. So who’s right, and what exactly do you need to do in order to lose those excess pounds and keep them off?

The Truth About Belviq: The Dangers You Need to Know About This Weight Loss Drug

Belviq is the first prescription diet drug in 13 years to win the FDA approval for sale but is it worth it? Are there health concerns? And does it really work? Here is the crucial information you need to know about Belviq before you consider taking it.

Lap-Band Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages

The newly created small stomach pouch can hold little amount of food at one time, which helps in restricting the food intake and making patients feel full sooner. During the surgery, a bariatric expert makes 2 to 5 small incisions in your abdomen, and through one of these openings inserts a tiny camera (laparoscope) in your belly which allows the surgeon to see inside the stomach on a video monitor.

Simple But NOT EASY Weight Loss

Most people will disagree when I say that weight loss is simple… Note that I said it’s simple, but not easy. Burning more calories than you take in is the simple formula to losing weight. This article will reveal a simple process to shed the unwanted pounds you may have as you go in to this summer season.

The Naturally Slender Eating Strategy

What you think really does proceed what you do and if you want to change what you do you must first change how you think. The Weight Loss Registry keeps track of people who have lost about 30 lbs. and have kept it off for a year.

Diet Foods: Planning an Effective Menu

When it comes to losing weight, working out is the easy part. What really challenges those who likely struggle with issues at the dinner table to begin with is planning a menu of diet foods that are low in calories, healthy, and easy to stick with. Here are some tips that can help you succeed.

The Easiest (And Best) Way To “Trick” Yourself Into WANTING To Exercise And Eat Healthier!

Want to stop “forcing” yourself to exercise and eat healthy? Here’s how…

Lose Weight In A Playful And Enjoyable Manner With Some Amazing Fat Burning Nintendo Wii Games

Seeing the alarming increase in the number of people suffering from obesity, Center for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested that every adult should exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes on weekly basis. For children, this recommendation is reduced to an hour on daily basis. In this fast paced world, it becomes difficult for both children as well as adults to follow this routine.

Eating Rice For A Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss can really help you in staying fit and healthy. However, you really need to work hard and eat the right food items in order to lose weight in a healthy way.

Eat Healthy Live Healthy – Some Natural Food Items To Lose Fat And Stay In Shape

Natural foods are one of the best medium of shedding off the extra pounds from your body. With the help of natural food loss recipes and natural diet, you can melt down the surplus fat from your body in a healthy and effective manner.

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