Is CARBONATED WATER Bad? (5 Myths & 1 Truth about Sparkling Water)

Green Coffee Extract Diet: Does It Work?

If you are going to try any kind of natural nutritional product, you should be careful to use one that is 100% guaranteed to both work and to be made from natural ingredients. Green coffee extract is actually quite an expensive extract to get your hands on, so you have to be extremely careful which brand that you buy.

Eternal Raspberry Ketone – The Fat Burning Miracle in a Bottle

More and more people are looking to lose weight and be healthy, but with winter and the holidays fast approaching, this task will become more difficult. These holidays bring with them lots of fattening foods, and it is very hard to resist them!

How to Lose Weight Quickly Drinking Protein Shakes

Before you start on using protein to accelerate your weight loss, you will need to change the way you think about eating. This is a journey that will work for you. There really is no magic pill that you need since most of these don’t work for very long. Consuming protein in your daily routine will cause your body to jump into a fat burning over drive to help you shed those extra pounds.

How Fast Do You Lose Weight When Starving Yourself?

I think it is a terrible idea for anyone to consider weight loss through starvation. I will tell you why, but I will also tell you how much weight one would lose if they decided to do it anyway.

When It Comes to Weight Loss, Giving Up Is Not an Option

Working your way towards a healthier weight is not a simple task. Most people who are trying to lose weight need to break years – maybe decades – of unhealthy habits. As you may well know, this is not an easy undertaking. It requires an unwavering commitment to your diet and exercise plan even when life gets stressful – which is every day for most of us.

How To Find A Diet Program That Is Not Just Effective, But Also Makes It Easy To Stay Consistent

Do you have a hard time staying consistent with a diet? Here is how to find a diet program that not only works well, but is also easy to stick to…

Raw Food For Weight Loss And Better Health

It seems like everyone is on a weight loss plan these days but very few are actually succeeding in shedding the extra pounds. One of the easiest and most natural ways to reach a healthy weight quickly and painlessly, is to eat a raw food for weight loss.

3 Simple Weight Loss Tips for Women

Admittedly many women find it difficult to shed some pounds. There are just too many things to battle to achieve this goal. Despite this, the concept behind losing weight should be simple.

3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Stick With Natural Dieting (It’s More Than Just Permanent Results)

Most people know that natural dieting is what gets you permanent results. But, there are 3 more powerful reasons why you should natural dieting…

Weight Issues Nobody Talks About

Because I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a passion for good living I get annoyed with the general misconception surrounding weight issues. For example, in order to maintain a healthy weight one has to deprive themselves of the important experience of food, by eating unpalatable meals. Another misconception (promoted by the latest reality shows) has individuals working out 8 hours/day doing extremely rigorous exercises. I cannot exclude the commercials pushing exercise equipment or pills and supplements to miraculously melt fat away.

What Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

To be able to lose weight, it is important that you control what you eat and how much. But with the many diets available on the market saying contradicting things, how do we really know which food would help us take off those pounds? Well here is a list of what foods to eat to lose weight.

Is Sugar Bad For You? Some Is, Some Isn’t

Is sugar bad for you? This is a common question that health conscious people often ask. People need to know which foods are unhealthy and/or fattening so they can avoid them. But sugar is an enigma as it can be good or bad for you depending on the source.

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