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Do Fitness Magazines Really Care If You Succeed?

Do you take everything that your favourite magazine tells you to be the truth? Do you have faith in them having your best interests at heart or do you sometimes feel they’ll say whatever it takes to keep the mags flying off the shelves? Read on…

Food That Burns Fat Efficiently

Food that burns fat generally has to be the right kind of food. Foods which contain a lot of water such as fruit and vegetables are a great way to lose weight; this is because the water in the food gives you the sensation of being filled up. Also foods which contain high filling nutrient content but low fat are great.

Fitness Training Plan – Barbell, Dumbbell and Kettlebell “Complexes” to Get Your Body Conditioned

Workout “complexes” could be just what you need if you want a different fitness training plan to eliminate boredom, break from a plateau, and get fresh results in your training. But what exactly are workout “complexes”?

The Benefits Of Eating Protein For Weight Loss

If your have made the decision to embark on a weigh loss journey and would like to know more about the benefits of protein then you’ve come to the right article. Earlier this year I followed a high protein eating plan and lost a significant amount of weight.

Weight Gain As an Autoimmune Disease

To start off I do not want anyone to use this as an excuse for being over weight. You cannot abdicate your responsibilities to yourself and blame over eating on a preventable condition.

Top Best Tips on How to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Weight loss has become one of the immediate concerns for millions of people all over the world, especially those who want a leaner body and a generally healthier lifestyle. However, the process of losing weight can be challenging, particularly for individuals who have been struggling with weight issues all their life.

Different Types of Fat – Which Is the Greatest Health Risk?

This article discusses different types of fat in your body and which one you need to be concerned about. If you have a lot of belly fat, this article should be of particular interest to you.

How To Reduce Your Weight With Walking

The simple exercise of walking is a very good way of commencing your weight loss exercise routine. In fact, there are many health benefits of walking and these benefits include the following: 1-Walking helps to burn calories. 2-It helps to make your legs strong.

Tips to Stay Healthy

There are many common adages among people, regarding health and fitness. They say, “Health Is Wealth”, “Growing Old Is Inevitable, Looking Young Is Negotiable” and many like these. Therefore, time to time, we get inspiration from them for keeping us healthy and fit. Inspired by them, we try to keep us healthy as best as we can. However, it is not possible to stay healthy and fit forever, unless we follow proper healthy methods.

The 5 Biggest Fat Loss Myths

In this article the author discusses the 5 biggest fat loss myths in the fitness industry. He then shares the actual truth behind these myths and goes over the actual way that our bodies burn fat and lose weight.

The Best Way to Lose Fat – Top Tips

For many people, gearing up to begin a weight loss program is a big ordeal. Issues, such as what type of diet to try, what foods to buy and what gym to join, sometimes tempt us to put dieting off until we have more time to organize everything. However, there is no time like the present, and losing weight does not have to mean changing your whole life. Let’s find out the best way to lose fat and start losing weight today!

The Role Of Thermogenics In Weight Loss

Many things have been said about losing weight and taking some form of supplement to help keep the fat off. Knowing such nutritional supplements can help you make the proper decision because they can either make or break your weight loss goals.

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