Howie Mandel’s OCD And Anxiety And Why He Wants To Break The Stigma

Are Your Losing Weight or Fat?

Most dieters have the goal of losing weight. This goal is usually measured by a number on the scale. Although this is a good indicator of progress, it often doesn’t tell the whole story.

Gastric Bypass Risks and How to Reduce Them

A gastric bypass surgery involves limiting the food consumption by reducing the functional volume of your stomach. In the surgery, a bariatric surgeon first divides the stomach into two parts- a small upper pouch and a much larger, lower pouch- and then bypasses the small intestine to allow both stomach portions to stay connected to it.

How To Build Muscle And Lose Fats At The Same Time

Some people wish to lose fat, while others are desperate to build muscle. It seems like information on the Internet is separated into losing fats and building muscle. There seems to be no reconciliation between losing weight and gaining muscle. When you shed those bothersome fats, it seems like you will lose muscle along with them. So how do you deal with this problem?

Quick Review of the Fat Loss Factor

The Fat Loss Factor program is a weight loss system that is designed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Created by Dr. Charles Livingston, this 12-week program will walk you through all of the tips and techniques required to lose weight and eat healthier. You’ll be taught how to build muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, and increase performance through proper warm-ups.

Can We Really Lose Weight Without Dieting?

I like to believe that I am constantly trying to lose that excess weight and have, at one time or the other, tried all kinds of diets. I, and I am very sure that others are to, am constantly on the lookout for that perfect diet; that special tip or secret that will not only finally do what is promised, but ahem… and do it without affecting too much what I eat! Imagine that; a weight loss non-diet solution! Would not that be GREAT…

Top 5 Health Benefits of 7 Keto DHEA

So you’ve heard of 7 Keto DHEA supplementation but are unsure exactly what it is and whether its right for you? Here you will find a list of the top 5 health benefits of 7 Keto DHEA to help you make an informed decision.

Burn Fat Naturally!

Diet is only one aspect of the whole healthy you. Mindset plays an important role when you are trying to lose weight. Now learn what other strategies can help you to to obtain better health.

Best Way To Lose Abdominal Fat – A Step By Step Guide

Millions of people worldwide struggle with excess fat around the stomach area. This article provides information on how to burn abdominal fat through diet.

Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercises can help keep you and your wallet in shape. These exercises are perfect for when you are on the go or just want to add some variety to the mix.

Being Overweight Or Obese: The Scale Tipped Towards Epidemic

There is growing health risk within U.S.A. and being seen in other parts of the world, too. The increasing number of overweight or obese people has reached epidemic level when majority of adult population is classified in this category and they can have chronic health problems leading to healthcare crisis.

Use a Weekly Meal Chart for Increased Weight Loss Success

Having a weekly meal chart in the kitchen allows you the opportunity to plan out your meals for each and every day. Having this plan in plain sight you can now see exactly what will be cooked/prepared on each day so you will never have to run out to get a fast food meal due to the fact that you have “nothing to cook”. Use these tips to start using a meal chart in your kitchen and never have to resort to an emergency fast food trip again.

Make Your Kitchen a Healthy Place to Go

If you are determined to make a healthy change, improve your weight condition, and get into shape, one of the absolute first things you need to do is set up your kitchen to inspire healthy eating choices. When you focus on making your kitchen a healthy place to go, you give yourself the best opportunity for success.

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