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Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance

Often people who engage in short-term and yo-yo diets complain that they cannot maintain their target weight and pile on the pounds when they stop dieting. This is due to their metabolism slowing down and once they start eating properly there body does not burn fat to its optimal effect.

Healthy Weight Loss

In the short run coming up to the summer months it may be tempting to go on a crash-diet. However, research shows that quick-fix, low-calorie diets do not work in the long-term. Low-calorie diets can cause the metabolism to actually slow down which can cause you to pile on the pounds once you start eating properly again.

How to Drop Weight Fast: Natural Fat Loss Tips

The reason so many people fail at dieting is in their habits. Temporary changes in behavior lead to temporary changes in weight. So, if you can change your habits you can lose your excess weight, forever. And I’m not talking about something as dramatic as going vegan or swearing off sweets. If you can make minor, permanent changes to your lifestyle, they will add up to lots of weight loss. Check out these 11 natural fat loss tips for changing your habits you’ll know how to drop weight fast:

Proactol – The Help You Need To Lose Weight

If you are looking for a way to lose weight without starving or constantly working out, look no further. The Proactol weight management system is for you.

Common Diet Plans – Why Do They Fail To Work?

Weight loss, undeniably, is a common problem throughout the world. Another indisputable fact is that weight gain is directly related to the food one consumes and weight loss can only be achieved effectively if eating habits are controlled. One simply needs to cut down on the calories consumed each day and to make sure that the calories burnt through physical activity are more than those consumed. The deficit eventually causes weight loss if maintained over a number of weeks or months. The question this poses, however, is different. If weight loss through diet plans is really that straightforward, why don’t most diets work?

Four Effective Fat Loss Tips

Use these four simple tips to get more out of your workouts. If you are still struggling to lose weight these four tips will set you on the right path.

The 3 Mistakes That All Binge Eaters Make That Keep Them Fat Forever

Binge eaters share so many common experiences and frustrations. This article will help you to see why you keep failing over and over again and what to do about it. I had personally made these mistakes for 45 years until I figured out what I was doing wrong all along. Learn the secrets from a certified Food Psychology Coach of how to stop binge eating and start living again.

5 Weird Exercises For Back Fat

Looking for exercises for back fat? In this article you will discover five weird exercises that will help you to get rid of unwanted fat from your back.

Can You Control Weight And Still Drink Alcohol?

Many of us like to have a drink socially – a beer over the BBQ, wine with a meal, after-work drinks with friends. Some of these are lifestyle practices or habits we may have developed over many years.

Is Fat Really Your Worst Enemy?

If one was to delve into misconceptions about diet plans and weight loss through them, the most frequently prevalent, almost certainly, would be the belief that fat is the enemy of a healthy diet. This reigns due to the fact that when it comes to formulating a diet plan, most of us perceive it as an eating plan which ideally should have minimum calories and negligible fats, since the latter is high in the former. What most of us tend to forget, however, is that even when trying to lose weight, the trick is not to eat less, but to…

A Tip for Succeeding With Your Weight Loss Goals

Every year millions of people worldwide embark on a diet program. Yet, despite the huge amounts of support provided by the average diet program, most people don’t last the course. In this article we offer one simple tip to make sticking with your diet that little bit easier.

Do Men Burn More Fat Than Women?

While it is a known fact that women have a greater propensity to gain weight due in part to their physiological makeup, the converse is however the case when it comes to losing weight. This is so because they find it more difficult when compared to men who have several advantages which help them to lose weight faster.

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