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Four Foods to Avoid During Weight Loss!

When you are fully focused on the specific weight loss plan you’ve designed, there may be some unwanted foods entering your diet that could lead to unpleasant results. Let’s go over four of the top foods that…

Keep It Real – That’s the Best Magic Pill

It would be nice if quick fixes would work, but they don’t. It’s time to just be real. Start living life and being present in the moment.

How Do You Get Lean? Intermittent Fasting for Success

If you are looking for a solution to the matter of how do you get lean, you should look into the principle of intermittent fasting. This is sometimes abbreviated to IF, and is also known as dietary energy restriction. It’s a relatively new phenomenon in the world of fitness, but has many devoted followers.

7 Simple Weight Loss Principles To Naturally Lose Up To 5 Pounds A Week

Want to lose up to 5 pounds of fat every week… naturally? Take a look at these 7 weight loss principles…

5 Tips to Quick Weight Loss That Make You Look Slim and Elegant

Everyone who has gained extra pounds would like to find a way of losing it. But is there really such a thing as a quick weight loss solution? The answer is yes. There are several different ways to achieve quick weight loss.

How To Keep Weight Loss Journal

One of the best things you can do to support your weight loss effort is to write down what you eat. This can be a lifesaver and great eye opener because we all underestimate how much we eat. Keeping a weight-loss journal costs little time and it is very easy, unless you get writer’s cramp, but even then you don’t have to write much.

Food Older Women Should Take for Weight Loss

Older women can find weight loss a lot challenging. This is because if they lose weight, they tend to lose muscle as well. If muscles are lost, they will become frail and would be less mobile. Because of this, it is imperative that older women speak to a physician about their plans of losing weight so that they could do it in the proper and sensible way.

Crucial Facts to Consider While Choosing the Best Fat Loss Supplements

No matter how good the supplements are, everyone has a unique body type and metabolic makeup. So what may seem as best fat loss supplements for your friend may not be the best for you. Choosing a weight loss supplement should be done very carefully and preferably under medical supervision.

Healthy Foods That Burn Body Fat

People who are working out in order to burn their body fat do not have to forego food altogether. There are actually healthy foods that will help their bodies shed off the extra pounds that they do not need. They may engage in doing some physical exercises but they also need to pay attention to the food that they are eating.

Why Should You Stop Drinking Soda?

For starters, a quick disclaimer. This article isn’t sponsored by any of the big soft drink companies! After all, it’s aimed at helping you to stop drinking soda.

Why Coaching Works for Weight Loss

Coaching is a constant process much like the fight against weight loss; this article discovers why coaching works more than traditional training programs and also on motivation and drive to achieve. It will also inform you what steps you should take to set up Neuro Relationships to ensure your success.

Sugar the Sweet Poison That Is Creating Obese Children and Damaging Their Insides

Consumption of sugar not only causes your children to experience progressive weight gain, but it plays havoc with their blood sugar levels which not only affects their behavior but also does nasty things to their internal organs, makes them fat & lethargic and creates obese kids. In fact, apart from the weight issues associated with consumption of foods high in sugar, more & more cases of obesity & adult-onset diabetes are being reported in children.

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