Anthony Anderson On Saying Goodbye To “Black-ish”

Lose Abdominal Fat Series Part 1 – Best Abdominal Exercise to Lose Ab Fat

First and foremost, there are a number of effective belly workouts to lose ab fat, so there is no ‘magic’ best abdominal exercise. The main thing to consider though is correct positioning, and in particular, the use of your hip flexors.

Are You a Smart Snacker?

A study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that 97% of women snack between meals. The study also found that while so many women are snacking, many of these women are less likely to be overweight if they’re snacking on the right foods and for the right reasons.

3 Less Known Weight Loss Diets That Work

There are various diets, exercise programs, and even surgical options all aimed at a woman’s desire to lose weight. You may feel overwhelmed as you try to sort them all out in an effort to decide which ones are right for you. We’re here to help. For now, we’re going to focus on 3 different diets.

Fastest Way to Lose 20 Pounds – Proven Tips

8 ultimate tips to remove your fats fast. Implements the tips and you’ll see the difference.

Losing Weight Through Juicing

A lot of people want to get slimmer. Juicing is an ideal method to attempt this hope. If you are curious about making juicing an important part of your weight loss strategy, it has to be part of a life-style change and something that you plan to do for some time. Dependent upon what you are attempting to accomplish with your juicing, you’ll find different types of juicers you can choose from.

What Do Calories Do?

So, what are calories? And why do excessive calories add to weight gain? Dieting, weight loss and how you may not have to count calories.

How a Yo-Yo Diet Can Make You Binge Eat and Put on Weight

THEY’RE the 10 words anyone trying to lose weight dreads hearing: “All you’ve got to do is make yourself eat less.” If weight loss were that easy, an estimated 15 million Britons wouldn’t be on a diet, doctors wouldn’t be writing 1.5 million prescriptions a year for diet pills

Vital Vitamins and Effective Weight Loss

Unless you’re a health buff or a medical professional, you probably don’t know each and every vitamin that your body needs. A vitamin basically supplies our bodies with compounds that we cannot sufficiently produce on our own or not at all. There vitamins that most of us are familiar with, like Vitamin C for our immune system, Vitamin A for our eye sight, and Vitamin D for the skin.

How To Make Weight Loss Snacks

Your weight loss snacks will greatly depend on the rate that you want to lose weight. Some of the most popular snack foods include cookies, candy bars, chips, ice cream and crackers. Generally, these snacks contain high sugar, calories and fats. Actually, it is not the act of snacking that can get you into trouble because it is the type of snacks that you eat that can give you an overload of calories and fats

How Safe Are Colon Cleanse Supplements?

Colon cleansing products are food supplements that are made from supposed herbal ingredients. If one is planning to buy any of these products, among the things that need to be considered are their specific ingredients. While these products are becoming more and more popular, they are still considered somewhat controversial in some scientific and medical circles.

Eat What YOUR Body Wants And STILL Lose Weight?

“Yeah, right….if I listened to THAT voice, it’d say ‘eat chocolate sundaes…… TEN of them…… right NOW!'” My client was getting snippy. It happens. Here’s what I shared with her…

Online Weight Loss Food Components – Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats

Losing weight does not mean avoiding eating. It simply means carefully watching what you eat. It is important that a weight watcher eats the right kind of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This article gives a rundown of why these food groups are important to the normal functions of our body, and provides information of what kinds of food should one take or avoid in order to lose weight.

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